Memory Revli
Memory Revli


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High quality mattress, 20 cm tall, thanks to its particular characteristics of elasticity and tenacity and its particular hollow structure, as well as being resistant, anti-creasing and antipilling, allows a natural and welcoming rest thanks to the 5 cm upper layer. Memory Foam HD is the perfect base for pleasant comfort.

The anti-demented Memory (very important medical aid for people with poor mobility) adapts perfectly to the morphology of the body, marrying ergonomics and comfort and ensuring a balanced support (the weight is distributed over the entire body surface avoiding particular pressures and tensions).Improves blood circulation and minimizes stress on muscles and nerves. Relieves back pain, neck and joint pain. The underside of 13 cm layer in WaterFoam D30, a foam that uses water as the main component and is absolutely ecological and natural.

The particular conformation of this material guarantees a rigid capacity. We recommend this type of product especially that has postural problems and those who want to replace the old spring mattress or latex with a memory article, able to accommodate the body and then recover the original shape.

UNFORMABLE: In compliance with the rules of ergonomics.

ANATOMICAL: The mattress thanks to its elasticity and density, adapts to the anatomical conditions and the movements of the body in a natural way. The fabric with Bayscent Neutrlizer treatment, the selective technology to defeat the bad smells, sweat and dust mites in a selective and targeted way, fiber for the fiber gives the coating a pleasant clean smell, thanks to the advanced technology able to select the molecules ” you do not like “. A clinically tested mattress, retains its original shape thanks to its molecular composition based on water (Oeko-Tex CERTIFICATION) even after being subjected to pressure for prolonged periods.

ELECTROBIOLOGICAL: The mattress has no springs inside, and prevents the appearance of interference in electromagnetic flows harmful to the body. Our mattresses are completely covered inside with a sub-mattress in 100% pure anti-mite cotton knit that allows proper ventilation

.ANTIALLERGIC: 300 gr Sanitary padding with super soft hypoallergenic fiber, with exceptional softness and breathability, gives a delicate and enveloping support to the whole body. Its particular composition gives a feeling of extreme well-being and improves the perception of comfort during sleep. The eco-sustainable padding that does not induce asthma and allergies (tested by independent bodies for all known allergens)Greater volume and greater softness lasting over time, compared to traditional padding.

• The 4-sided removable cover will always ensure correct hygiene.

• Palmex inner lining


80x190cm, 120x190cm, 160x190cm, 160x200cm, 170x200cm, 180x200cm


Matrimoniale, Singolo, Una piazza e mezzo

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