Molle Insacchettate Materasso - alto 24cm
Molle Insacchettate Materasso - alto 24cm

Pocket Springs Mattress – 24cm high

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It is a mattress composed of 800 pocket springs with 7 different zones, able to guarantee a high level of comfort from the first night. This article comes from the need to have a quality product that is easy to use, combining features of compactness and flexibility. The different areas develop adequate support for the different parts of the body, while the hypoallergenic fiber padding and the PERFORMANCE stretch fabric lining make the sensation of contact with the product pleasant and relaxing. The containment strips are made of polyurethane with a density of D30, the felts are composed of orthopedic weight and stiffness, the MEMORY viscoelastic cover plate of 4 cm. Perimeter bonding is carried out with hypoallergenic water adhesives. The result is an article of high elasticity, lift and dimensional accuracy. The most important sector studies, highlighting the extraordinary performance recorded by this product on different size and weight ranges. The support of an elastic structure such as the springing of the most advanced “pocket” to different areas ensures the necessary lift to adapt to the different postures taken by the body and allows a change of air that other mattresses do not guarantee, thus avoiding the formation of mold and moisture. The quality of certified materials, the anatomical advantage of always keeping the spine in the correct position while sleeping or resting, is the reason for choosing a spring mattress. The ideal spring mattress is that able to accommodate the body, accompanying the natural rhythm of its movements, a result that can only be achieved thanks to the use of materials of absolute excellence. The pocket spring mattresses are formed by several separate springs and bagged individually in special bags. The springs act independently from each other, thus welcoming the body in an optimal manner, and giving the desired support. The spring mattresses are particularly recommended for those suffering from circulatory disorders as they avoid compressions to the limbs, they are also recommended for people of robust build, to those who sweat a lot or live in hot and humid environments, as the springs provide good ventilation.
Buying an independent spring mattress is the ideal choice for those who want to sleep on a support free of rigid elements. In fact, when you lie down on a spring mattress, you only lower the springs that receive a pressure while all the others, which do not undergo stress, remain unaltered. One of the best solutions, from this point of view, are the mattresses independent pocket springs. It is the medium density bagged springs, 260 springs per square meter, obtainable both “carrier” or “soft” MONOZONA and DIFFERENTIATED at 3-5-7 zones. The peculiar characteristic of this product is the compactness, combined with a good degree of independence of the springs, due to the assembly system that sees the elastic structure maintained by two sheets of anti-allergic polypropylene fabric, glued on the support surfaces. The springs, built with high carbon and tempered wires in diameters of mm. 1.70 to mm. 2.00 guarantee an excellent elastic seal over time and a higher level lift. This product is aimed at a medium-high market, attentive to the quality / technology ratio and competitive price. While the old mattresses had a system of springs that reacted to the thrust of the human body, the new mattresses with independent springs have an operation for which each spring reacts differently. This means that the mattress will deform properly following the shape of our spine. The pocket spring mattresses have many properties: they are ergonomic, they adapt to the body, support it gently and adapt to any movement. DACO MATERASSI has therefore proposed the pocket springs that thanks to their ergonomics, represent an obligatory passage in the path of creation of the ideal mattress. The removable and washable outer covering fabric is born of research by Bayer, this technical coating is treated with specific products able to neutralize bad odors such as smoke, perspiration, stale saturated air. Bayscent Neutralizer is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-odor and anti-mite product. Our well-being is the most important thing and sleeping well helps us to live a healthier life.

Available in any width and any length.


80x190cm, 80×200, 85x190cm, 85x200cm, 90x190cm, 90X200cm, 100x190cm, 100x200cm, 120x190cm, 120x200cm, 140X190cm, 140x200cm, 160x190cm, 160x200cm, 170x190cm, 170x200cm, 180x190cm, 180x200cm


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