Coppie di guanciali Memory
Coppie di guanciali Memory

Pairs of Memory pillows

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Promotes relaxation of the cervical muscles. ANALLERGICO. ANTI-MITE. This product is born from NASA and is perfect for all those who have circulatory or postural problems. Designed for an ergonomic and perfect housing the head allows you to perfectly model the shape of the head and neck allowing a natural alignment with the spine, minimizing pressure points. Antibacterial. Made in ITALY WITHOUT USE OF CANCEROGENE SUBSTANCES FOR MAN AND HARMFUL FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. The pillow is a determining factor for the quality of sleep. Proper support allows the head, neck and cervical vertebrae to completely relax, increasing the feelings of well-being that result from restorative sleep. The pillow is a complement to the basic bed for rest and should be chosen with extreme care. It must in fact support, horizontally, the head and the neck in the same position as when it is erected. Appropriate support ensures that the day is not compromised by feelings of headache, numbness and pain. It is also a good precaution to have cushions of different types in the home so that, depending on the need, you can have at your disposal the product that best satisfies us. Sleeping on a good pillow reduces cervical pain, snoring and insomnia. The pillow in MEMORY is the pillow that best, from an anatomical point of view, can perform the function of support of a pillow. There are several valid products (wool, feathers, shavings or one-piece) but the one in MEMORY FORATO is the best solution because it avoids the accumulation of mites, dust and mold. It allows greater perspiration. It is cozy and fits perfectly to the garment. It helps the relaxation of the muscles of the nape favoring a peaceful rest. Choosing a Memory Foam pillow is an excellent investment for your health. If you change position, the cheek pad removes itself automatically, amplifying and enhancing the comfort of rest. Through the body heat, the material is shaped by uniformly distributing the weight of the garment and wrapping it with the result of having a pleasant sensation of relaxation. The Memory Foam pillow minimizes pressure points in the cervical area ensuring an excellent capillary flow.
There is no real time duration within which to replace a pillow. On average it is good to change the cushion on which we sleep every 5-6 years. This time varies above all from the use we make of it, how many times it is washed and how we sleep. The pillow is a complement to the bed that determines the comfort of sleep, and must be chosen with extreme care. There are no “universal rules” “to define what is the best pillow, because it is largely a matter of preference: some love softer cushions and others prefer more firm support. To direct the choice one must base oneself on one’s own experience and on the indications of the producer. If we are used to sleeping mainly on one side, it is good to choose a slightly high cushion that supports and fills the space between the cheek, neck and mattress. If we normally sleep supine it is better to choose a support that supports the nape and keeps the head correctly aligned. In general it is good to use a pillow that is not too rigid or thin. In any case it is good to orientate towards a pillow that supports the neck: the right pillow will help our spine to assume a correct position during sleep and we will wake up more serene. The cervical pillows have on the upper part a wave shape at two levels of height, this particular shape helps to support the head correctly, relieving pressure from the neck and shoulders, helping to dissolve and prevent muscle tension, the main cause of the widespread pains located in the cervical area.

The MOD. DRILLED: Designed for maximum breathability, the innovative micro-channel system allows air to circulate freely, preventing sweating while sleeping.