Materasso Matrimoniale - alto 16cm
Materasso Matrimoniale - alto 16cm

Mattress – 16cm high

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High quality mattress, 16 cm high, thanks to its particular characteristics of elasticity and tenacity and its particular undulating structure, as well as being resistant, anti-crease and anti-pilling, allows a natural and welcoming rest.

The waterfoam layer is a froth that uses water as its main component and is absolutely ecological and natural. (Oeko Tex CERTIFICATION) which guarantees an orthopedic lift.We recommend this type of product especially for those with postural problems and those who want to replace their old spring or latex mattress with an article in memory, able to accommodate the body and then recover the original shape. Undeformable even after being subjected to pressure for prolonged periods.

Promotes blood circulation also adds the benefits of a massage.The medicine has stated that there is a connection between the surface of the human body and its internal organs. This is why massage can help treat cervical pain and water retention. Recommended for those suffering from backache, sciatica, back pain, hernia, muscle contractures, joint pains.cramps, allergies, insomnia.

Profile that stimulates the micro-ventilation, ensuring a continuous recirculation of the air, facilitating the dispersion of heat, breathability and moisture transmitted by the body, has extraordinary anatomical and hypoallergenic capabilities, dedicated to those who suffer from the heat in summer, avoids the formation of annoying humidity.

It guarantees adequate support for the spine and helps to keep you in the correct position during the hours of sleep: the best way to say goodbye to awakenings full of joint pain.Removable on 3 sides


80x190cm, 160x190cm


Matrimoniale, Singolo

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20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70

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