Materasso D40 extra rigido persone in sovrappeso
Materasso D40 extra rigido persone in sovrappeso

Extra hard mattress D40 overweight people

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FABRIC: ANALLERGIC with Bayscent Neutralized treatment (from the BAYER research) that neutralizes the bad smells, thanks to its particular characteristics of elasticity and tenacity as well as being resistant, anti-crease and anti-pilling.

PADDING: allergy-free Hypoallergenic fiber NEW 2018 Super Soft insulating h.2 cm, removes mold and microorganisms of all kinds, ensures a healthy and hygienic rest does not induce asthma or allergies.

REMOVABLE: 4 sides and machine washable at 30 degrees and immediately after in the dryer at low temperatures (DRY CLEANING WE ARE ADVISED)

ANTIACARO Antibacterial: our products use procedures that prevent the proliferation of mites,

ANTIDECUBITO: very important medical aid for people with poor mobility Rigid non-deformable: able to accommodate the body and then recover the original shape. Expanded with water: during foaming the expanding agent is water ELECTROBIOLOGICO: Without Springs / No electromagnetic flows harmful to the body 4 Handles: perimetric rings INTERNAL SHEET 20cm high The mattress that adapts to you that allows a natural and welcoming rest, consists of 2 layers, thanks to the 5 cm thick 50 cm memory top plate that will adapt to your body structure allows you to get a personalized position. The lack of work means that the mattress has a neutral support and therefore allows our body to have a more natural rest and the lower layer of 15 centimeters (density 40) will give you the proper support, to make your sleep more balanced . Conceived for those seeking a comfortable and relaxing rest. It is natural for a night of sleep free from tensions and pains in the back, neck and joints. Memory mattresses adapt to the body by redistributing weight, reducing pressure points and favoring a regular and beneficial blood circulation. Therefore it is able to offer incomparable comfort, as each part of the body is supported according to the weight and pressure exerted by gently returning to the original shape. We recommend this type of product especially for those who want to replace their old spring or latex mattress with a memory article. THE COLORS OF THE SHEETS OF THE MATTRESSES CAN VARY ACCORDING TO THE AVAILABILITY, THE DENSITIES ARE ALWAYS RESPECTED (yellow and white lobster) Lift: (Stiffness Level) average (BUT ON REQUEST WE HAVE SHEETS FOR ALL TYPES OF RIGIDITY) SOFT, MEDIUM, SEMI-RIGID AND RIGID Details Portanza: Recommended for people between 20 and 100 kilograms Used exclusively with non-toxic water-based glues (CERTIFICATES non-calcerogenic for humans and not harmful to the environment).
All our mattresses are certified. This is to ensure our customers that all materials and processes comply with the UNI-EN safety, hygiene and health regulations. All the materials used for the realization of our mattresses (the internal foam sheets, the memory layer, the wadding used for padding and external fabrics) are Italian and are OECOTEX certified, representing an international, unitary and safe certificate that protects consumers ensuring transparency towards mattress manufacturers. It attests to the total absence of carcinogenic and harmful substances for your health within the product. THE MATTRESS IS DELIVERED IN BOXED OR UNDER VACUUM TO GUARANTEE Hygiene


“Resting well will improve the quality of life


80x190cm, 80x200cm, 85x190cm, 85x200cm, 90x190cm, 90X200cm, 100x190cm, 100x200cm, 120x190cm, 120x200cm, 140X190cm, 140x200cm, 160x190cm, 160x200cm, 170x190cm, 170x200cm, 180x200cm


Fuori Misura, Matrimoniale, Singolo, Una piazza e mezzo

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Da 130 a 160 Kg

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Expert Evaluation 9/10 (EXCELLENT QUALITY REPORT)

  • Type: Anatomical
  • Recommended for Backache 10/10 Sciatalgia 9/10
  • Lumbago 9/10
  • Fibromyalgia 9/10
  • Hernia at the Disco 9/10
  • Cervical Hernia 9/10
  • Muscular contracture 10/10
  • Posture 9/10
  • Insomnia 10/10
  • Cramps 10/10
  • Allergies to mites and dust 10/10
  • Blood circulation problems 10/10