Materasso Bordato 3D
Materasso Bordato 3D

3D Edged

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From  Bayer research, the fabric with Bayscent Neutralizer treatment, the selective technology to neutralize the bad odors caused by sweat, smoke and food, and prevents dust mites from nesting in the fabrics. A mattress H23 Cm. approximately, clinically tested (no CFC), retains its original elastic shape thanks to its water-based molecular composition even after being subjected to pressure for prolonged periods. Its interior is made of memory h 5 cm, density 50.

Able to react to the pressure and heat of the body, it is self-modeling creating a cushion that optimally accommodates the body avoiding compression between the limbs and favoring the attenuation of joint pains. . Among the features: hypoallergenic, anti-mite, antibacterial, ecological, natural. WaterFoam slab (ecological water foam) h 15 cm, density 30.

The particular conformation of this material ensures orthopedic support. 3Space breathable band: it is a technology able to promote an unparalleled air exchange. Its breathable action disperses heat and humidity, thus maintaining the ideal body temperature in all seasons, this technology is fresh and hygienic. Stuffing with 400gr Fiber. Non-allergenic isothermal breathable on both sides.


80x190cm, 80×200, 90x190cm, 90X200cm, 100x190cm, 100x200cm, 120x190cm, 120x200cm, 140X190cm, 140x200cm, 160x190cm, 160x200cm, 170x190cm, 170x200cm, 180x190cm, 180x200cm


Fuori Misura, Matrimoniale, Singolo, Una piazza e mezzo

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