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Morfo H24

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An H24 mattress balanced with a plate composed of 2 materials that are optimal for each other. The underlying part 15Cm D30 in Waterfoam foamed with water without “CFC” (International certification which testifies to the absence of harmful additives to the environment and carcinogens for humans) which allows an orthopedic stiffness to support correctly the parts of the body. The upper side of 5 cm. Memory HD is shaped on the shape of the spinal column, the inside of the padding of the support side in Memory waterlily of 2 cm is heat-sensitive and performing.

The fabric with Bayscent neutralizer treatment originates from a Bayer Research, has been conceived and is the result of the most advanced technological studies.To effect of millions of microcapsules containing natural Attic principles that break and neutralize all the bad odors that are formed with the sweat being antimicrobial and antibacterial.

A breathable anti-mite coating with COOLMAX treatment that keeps the microclimate constant between body and mattress, improving sleep during sleep, thanks to the rapid elimination of body moisture, keeping the body drier, thus giving you maximum comfort.

Thanks to the revolutionary side band in 3D (innovative three-dimensional special structure) it allows total transpiration and keeps the mattress aired, favoring the passage of air. Protection for molds, bacteria.


100x190cm, 100x200cm, 120x200cm, 140X190cm, 170x190cm, 180x190cm, 80x200cm, 85x190cm, 85x200cm, 90x190cm, 90X200cm, 80x190cm, 120x190cm, 140x200cm, 160x190cm, 160x200cm, 170x200cm, 180x200cm


Fuori Misura, Matrimoniale, Singolo, Una piazza e mezzo

Recommended weight

Da 30 a 60 kg, Da 60 a 90 Kg

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