Coprimaterasso fresco cotone naturale 1
Coprimaterasso fresco cotone naturale 1

Fresh natural cotton mattress cover

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80% CO 6% Camel 14% Micromodal weight 430 gr

What is MICROMODAL: It is a fiber produced from the pulp of Beech wood, the fabrics made of modal are not worn out; compared to cotton, they shrink and fade more difficult. They are smooth, soft and, if washed in hard water, do not retain minerals like limestone on the treated surface. Modal fabrics can be ironed after washing like pure cotton. Modal fiber is about 50% more hygroscopic, per unit of volume than cotton, so it has a wide domestic use for garments and home textiles.

Micromodal is often added to cotton to improve its qualities.

MICROMODAL: It is an extremely thin fiber obtained from cellulose yarn (about 40 times thinner than a hair.10.000 meters of continuous fiber can weigh 1gr or less)DACO MATERASSI has always been at the heart of human wellbeing and at the same time is also interested in the environment that surrounds it. The MATTRESS COVER line made of Micromodal arises from these assumptions. Is not the sensation of the breeze on the skin pleasant? Well, the same effect can be had thanks to Modal, a vegetable fiber with surprising properties. Thanks to its softness and lightness, the comfort in the movements is assured, moreover the high capacity to absorb the humidity leaves the skin invagably fresh. If we add to this the Micromodal is 100% biodegradable, because natural fiber originated from beech wood cellulose the goal is achieved: well-being and eco-compatibility!

The Line is made of Micromodal with impalpable stitching that ensures maximum comfort throughout the day. find your comfort and freshness.

These extraordinary characteristics blend with those of cotton, which has always been valued for the pleasant sensation of freshness it offers. Complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Naturalness, respecting the environment.

The Oeko Tex Standard 100 (the class of products for children) guarantees the absence of harmful substances to the human organism and eco-compatible manufacturing processes, without the use of CFC gas. The products marked with this symbol are heat-curable,designed for those who want to sleep on a mattress that is always fresh and dry.

The technology reacts to night sweat by distributing moisture over the entire surface of the mattress. The particular processing of the fabric favors the rapid evaporation of excess moisture, ensuring an ideal environment for the maintenance of a proper micro climate, it is the recommended coating for those who love not only the freshness but also the reception of a very soft fabric to the touch.


80x190cm, 160x190cm


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