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Guanciali AIR

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From the choice of innovative production processes comes the opportunity to select products with specific technical characteristics of high resilience that can be customized: thanks to MEMORY ALOE “on touch” technology, ensures a slow and lasting release of light and pleasant fragrances, all exempt from allergenic substances.

They represent the challenge for the comfort market. These are the innovative products with high density but with unrivaled breathability: AIR MEMORY SOIA, for anatomical supports with a comfortable welcome; Viscoelastic self-modeling AIR with shape memory, ideal for developing absolute comfort. They are made with different and combined characteristics of density and lift, with a common denominator: high level of comfort associated with breathability, which, as demonstrated by the certified tests, is unmatched.

The absolute and unparalleled breathability is the characteristic that distinguishes AIR BREEZE ADVANCED MEMORY viscoelastic foam. The technological detail of these microporous foams ensures constant air exchange and prevents the formation of moisture pockets considered fertile ground for the proliferation of mites and bacteria. The specific technological use of the air in the AIR preparation, allows the creation of innovative products, with high breathability characteristics, maintaining a continuous aeration of the products during their use.Breathability testThe comparative tests, certified according to ISO 9237: 1995, show that the breathability of the AIR ADVANCED MEMORY viscoelastic foam reaches high values. The continuous air exchange in AIR products, thanks to the microporosity that is ensured by the open cell structure, prevents the stagnation of humidity, the formation of mold and reduces the conditions favorable to the development of mites.

AIR YLANG ADVANCED MEMORY viscoelastic foam, is the result of a new formulation based mainly on the use of ingredients based on natural plant origin, and therefore renewable. Raw materials are produced mainly from biomass with a lower energy consumption compared to normal synthetic production and with a low environmental impact meeting the growing attention and awareness of consumers, increasingly sensitive to environmental problems.The comfort index is very important because a high comfort index indicates that the level of reception of the mattress will be appreciated equally by both robust and lean people. From the continuous search for innovation and performance, has developed the GEL feeling, comfortable and long-lasting freshness. The special technology is applied to open-cell polyurethane foams AIR ADVANCED MEMORY, the viscoelastic memory foam. The new AIR ADVANCED MEMORY GEL polyurethane foams, viscoelastic memory foam, ensure a long and pleasant feeling of freshness, with a temperature-regulating control of the temperature in the areas in contact with the body, creating an ideal microclimate, which allows a refreshing rest and comfortable. Maintaining high breathability and resilience, they are perfectly suited for the creation of anatomic structures for mattresses with high characteristics of pleasant freshness. The characteristics of the GEL formula ensure innovative thermoregulating performance that can improve the quality of rest, greatly reduce the proliferation of bacteria and molds, guaranteeing a highly hygienic and comfortable product.

The thermal conductivity is the measure of the attitude of a substance to transmit the heat: the higher the value and the better the dissipation of heat, in open cellular structures they occur mainly by convection between cell and cell. In innovative open cell foams such as AIR ADVANCED MEMORY GEL, the continuous passage of air optimizes the dispersion of heat creating a beneficial refreshing effectThe colors transmit beneficial properties both on the body and on the psyche. For example:

– Breeze is soothing and relaxing, antiseptic;

– Aloe is rebalancing and relieves insomnia;

– Soy stimulates the metabolism and restores balance to the nervous system.

Guanciale AIR

Aloe (Green), Breeze (Blu), Soia (Orange)