VANILLA Bordato 3D 3STRATI MEMORY YLANG alto21cm.. 5
VANILLA Bordato 3D 3STRATI MEMORY YLANG alto21cm.. 5

3D Bordered Vanilla

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Mattress H.20 Cm. composed of a 3-layer sheet, suitably shaped with a wave effect, a slab with differentiated lift zones to give comfort recalls the natural forms of the vertebral column.The layer D25 below gray anti-decubitus is composed of 7 cm. Acquatek (ideal even in the hottest days of August) promotes optimal distribution of weight on the mattress, minimizing pressure points and encouraging blood circulation in every position, the D25 Acquatek 6.5 Internal Plate Cm ensures elasticity.

This system distributes the weight of the body, guaranteeing absolute rest while the upper layer is composed of 4.5 cm. of Memory Ylang, suitable for the prevention of muscular pains, breathable and comfortable, detects the shape of the body and maintains a low thrust in the areas subject to compression. Enveloping thanks to the Memory Ylang Touch created using ecological foamed water with the addition of microcapsules of essential oils of Ylang. The benefits of ‘Ylang: has calming and relaxing properties on the nervous system, attenuates disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, aphrodisiac, invigorating.

Fabric with VANILLA aromatherapy treatment. Some recent studies have shown that VANILLA is also in possession of rebalancing and antistress antidepressant properties. Vanilla, or rather its aroma, would seem able to perform a relaxing and soothing activity, thus allowing a more profound and natural rest. Our mattresses are completely covered inside with a 100% pure cotton mite subdress, which allows proper ventilation.

– Internal covering of the Palmex shell

– ECOLOGICAL edged mattress


80x190cm, 120x190cm, 160x190cm


Matrimoniale, Singolo, Una piazza e mezzo

Recommended weight

Da 60 a 90 Kg

Indicated for those suffering from